So fun, so Koala.

Koala Kids

So fun, so Koala. This is our motto to let the Koala Kids enjoy! Koalin and its team entertain and make the little kings laugh. Our daily Kids Club welcomes babies *, children and teenagers and offers activities such as cooking, competitions, dancing, treasure searching or cinema. Outdoor or indoor: here, it is always time to jump, smile and enjoy. Naturally, when the evening falls the fun still goes on at the Mini Disco. If they prefer so, the little ones can swing and play at the slides and the mini house at the park. However, fun does not end here. At the water-splash, a fantasy world under the water drops is waiting for them. Warning: the risk at Hotel THe Koala Garden is the little ones never wanting to return home.

* age 0-4, under supervision of a responsible adult.

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